I have been surrounded by this industry all of my life. My father is a retired artist. As a kid, I used to go to work with dad on Michigan Ave., downtown Chicago. I spent plenty of Saturdays in his studio. He would set me up at a drawing board with different tools of the trade and let me go.


When I started working in the design industry, my dad helped me get my first job. He made it clear that I would "sink or swim" based on what I brought to the table. I was in a fantastic place, at a fantastic time. Downtown Chicago was filled with Agencies, Design and Photography studios, with an enormous amount of talented people. I dug in and became a sponge. I understood that I was in one of the best learning resources I could ask for.


Weeks turned into months, turned into years. I navigated my way through a successful career as an artist. Likely, one of the best moments of my early career was the owner of a company I worked for telling me, "You keep your foot on the gas... I'll take care of hitting the brakes if I need to". (BTW... he never did hit the brakes)


Throughout my career, I was presented with opportunities that gave me more and more responsibility. I embraced it and found new respect for the business side of this industry. It presented a new skill set. Understanding and executing a clients needs, on time and on budget is not always easy, but approached properly, it can be done.


In 2002, I decided it was time to set off on my own. I knew that my skills would allow me to take on the challenge. I currently work with small, local organizations through global corporations. Every one, and sometimes every project, can present it's own set of challenges, but I have the experience to take on any task presented.


I do have a pure passion for what I do. Everything I do revolves around providing you solutions to your needs!



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